Monday, December 17, 2012

Subway December $2 Sandwiches Fail

Couple of weeks ago, Subway sandwiches began promoting their December "Customer Appreciation" Month with select 6-inch sandwiches for $2.00. The sandwiches that qualify for this offer are Meatball Marinara [meatballs and sauce] and Cold Cut Combo [cold cuts]. I wanted to get this deal for some time now, but only recently I have been freed-up from the stuff that I was occupied with [mostly end-of-semester college stuff and eBay selling], and I also started a couple of new blogs: and also working on another food blog that I yet have to release. Yesterday in the evening I found some time to get out and grab one of these $2 subs, the Meatball Marinara to be exact, becau I like meatballs. Last week I also emailed Subway customer service with inquiry about which locations participate in this $2 December promo, but to my disappointment I received back an email from them with a "scripted" answer that suggested that I go and seek the $2 location myself, since they said " All SUBWAY® locations are individually owned and operated".

On YouTube, their ads are very frequent and I see at least 4 of them every day.

So yesterday I went to the nearby Subway location for the $2.00 Meatball Marinara sandwich, only to find out that the store has closed way before the scheduled closing time.

Their business hours sign indicate that the shop closes at 9:00PM.

And their business information indicate that they close at 10:00PM.

There were at least 30 more minutes to go before their posted business hours sign closing time. There was nothing that I could do because the door was locked and the Chinese cunt that was running around in the kitchen/counter area just waived to me to go away, so went away.

Then I went to another Subway location on 86th Street, which was a block away from the Burger King. At this place, when I ordered the $2 Meatball Marinara sandwich, I was told "no more meatball" by the sandwich artist cunt behind the counter. Then another Chinese guy with glasses behind the counter came by and said that there is nothing that he can do and that I should stop by tomorrow [which is today]. My advice is to never shop at Chinese-run places because these people just do not get the concept of customer service.

Dorco Holidays 2012 Promo Code

I just received this emailed from Dorco yesterday, and its about their new promo code that they call "Biggest Sale of the Year". Basically it is $40.00 off the order of $80.00 and above. To use the code, just add bunch of their stuff of your choice to cart on their webstore and on the checkout enter the "Eighty40" less the quotes.

By using this promo code, I ordered 10x packs of their 6-blade cartridges with trimmer blades, so that is like $0.25 or so per cartridge, which is almost dirt-cheap. So if you need new razors then don't hold back and give the Pace 6 razor system a try. I actually just shaved 30 minutes ago and it feels good, because I haven't shaved for over 2 weeks. Remember, this code ends tomorrow!

Thursday, December 13, 2012

CVS Photo Surcharge Rip-Off

I just wanted to order 5x 4x6 photo prints and decided to try out the CVS photo service. Usually I use Walgreens, but I wanted to see how CVS would do the job, so I created an account on their website and began uploading photos. Then when the time came to checkout, I was hit with the extra $1.49 "surcharge".

So instead of placing the order at CVS, I went to Walgreens website and ordered five photo prints there; no extra surcharge or any other rip-off fees. So if you plan to order photo prints, then know in advance that CVS will try to rip you off for at least $1.49. Be smart and tell CVS to go fuck themselves.