Saturday, June 30, 2012

Those Magical Coupons - Волшебные Купоны

This Thursday the weekly circulars came in to my building. I check them every Thursday for useful coupons, and this time there were bunch of them; from McDonald's and Burger King. Most of the time the coupons that I get in the circular are useless to me, this is because those coupons are for the items that are either not available in my area or for the things that do not apply to me; like pet food, medical products and other crap.

So this is the current McDonald's promotional coupon booklet. I was able to get 5 of these booklets, before I went back to building's hall to get some more circulars, only to find out that the super has disposed of them all.

Inside the booklet are all these coupons.

These coupons are for drinks, but they all kind of follow an order, so you can't use them whenever you want to. Current one is the leftmost, the yellow one. Next week the Cherry Berry Chiller starts.

Burger Kings also had it's coupon sheet, and this is how it looks like. Only real free item here is Soft Serve Cone.

This is the 1st coupons that I planned to use. 2 sandwiches for the price of 1 is a decent deal.

So I went to this place.

And got 2 of these Tendergrill sandwiches: one was Texas and other was Carolina.

The total came out to $5.19 ($2.60 per sandwich), which is pretty decent for such a hearty eat of 2 sandwiches.

Each sandwich comes in a such box, pretty standard but I had no idea which sandwich was in it.

This bun is different from the burger bun, it is more firmer, sweeter and I think that the eggs were added in the dough.

This sandwich is the Carolina Tendergrill. What I liked about it was the white cheese (not sure which one, maybe most likely Swiss cheese), bacon, quality sweet onion and the sauce. The sauce was decent and complimented the rest ingredients pretty well, but other than this, the sauce was nothing special; just tangy. The chicken breast was okay with seared-in glaze on the outside, which goes well with the rest of the ingredients, but by itself (just the chicken breast) it would be too dry; sauce, onions and tomatoes do a good job by mixing together in the mouth to create the "Carolina taste" (whatever that suppose to mean). Overall this is a solid 4.0/5.0 sandwich that I enjoyed eating, and $2.60 coupon-factored price is pretty decent value.

Next stop was this McDonald's "Express" that was about 3 block away from the Burger King.

Here I got this small mango smoothie, by using the leftmost magenta coupon. In McDonald's they have this special blender machine with touchscreen, where the McPerson has to press on the kind of drink and the size of it, and the machine does the rest within 15 seconds or so period. First it squirts out from the side the yellow liquid into the blending pitcher, and then the thicker yellow liquid drops from the top of the pitcher, and the concoction blends together. I think that the 2nd yellow liquid already had ice it. It was difficult to see the process from the angle at which I was looking at the machine. The smoothie itself was pretty good for McDonald's; certainly not Jamba Juice quality, but for McD's prices it was very satisfying, especially when I paid nothing for it. I drank it in the train, and the small cup lasted around 10 minutes. I rate this mango smoothie 4.0 out of 5.0. Decent value for a small size cup.

This is pretty much how McBlender looks like.

This second sandwich is the Texas Tendergrill. I ate it in the Bryant Park, and it was over 1 hours since I bought it, so it was not that fresh and juicy. Instead of bacon, sauce and white cheese, you get the jalapeno peppers, lettuce and standard burger cheese (yellow American). Not only was this sandwich dry but it was also spicy, and I had no beverages on hand so I consumed around 70% of it and threw out the rest. Maybe if it was hot off the grill it would've been better, but in my circumstance, I was not too much please with it; dry meat with spicy peppers, topped-off with cold and stale buns. My verdict 2.0/5.0.

They also had some kind of performance event in the park, for which I did not care much.

But this crowd seemed to be digging it.

Lots of chain QSR spots in the city peddle all kinds of smoothies and blends. This Mrs. Fields joint has the following lineup to choose from.

Nearby 2 Bros. Pizza spot has $0.75 pizza slices: the cheapest in NYC. $75.00 gets you 100 slices.

Another Mrs. Fields spot (34th Street) has this promotion combo of pretzel dog and somekind of chilled lemonade or something along the line.

Friday, June 29, 2012

Russian Sandwiches

Sometimes I like to make these Russian sandwiches from breakfast or as a evening grub. They are simple to make and they taste pretty good. To make them you need pre-cut Russian bread, that is usually sold in the Russian store. Some people like to put butter on the bread but I use mayonnaise. The meat is also usually bought at the Russian store and they have all kinds of price levels of the meats: from $3.49/lb. to over $12.00/lb. In the end I top the sandwiches with tomato wedges and cucumber slices. I don't like cucumbers with the skin so I peel it off. In the photo you can see the platter with all kinds of meats. Turkey bacon is pretty good with these sandwiches.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Totino's Hamburger Party Pizza: Пати Пицца от Тотинос

I am pretty sure that most people heard about this Totino's pizza, their ads have been rolling on the TV sets since long time ago. The last Totino's ad that I remember seeing before I got rid of my TV set was with bunch of loud kids screaming TOTINO'S! Now that's a fucking annoying ad, because all of the sudden they would yell out TOTINO'S! But the most frustrating part was that nowhere in the Brooklyn's marts and food stores this Totino's pizza was sold at. The only Totinos items that you can find within Brooklyn food marts are those pizza bites, I think they come in 3 flavors: standard/regular/sauce-n'-cheese, pepperoni and 3-cheese blend or combo. For years I wanted to try this mysterious pizza and a year or so ago I found it at the PathMark over at Atlantic Center where that black rapper and the Russian tycoon are building the b-ball stadium. The price was over $3.00 for a standard pie, so I passed-up on buying the Totino's pizza. Recently I've been at the Jack's 99c store and found that they had Totino's Hamburger pizza for $1.29, so I bought one to give it a try.

On the box it says that its America's #1 pizza, so I had to give it a try and see what's all the fuss is about.

The back of the box is pretty average: you got the nutrition facts on the left, prep instructions on top and pizza-loving kid on the bottom.

This is what you get inside the box

The dough is very similar to Jeno's pizza dough. It even tastes pretty much the same.

Raw pizza.

Cooked pizza.

Close-up pizza.

The pizza tasted pretty good, but nothing overly special. Totino's is pretty much a better version of Jeno's in my point of view: same dough/crust, more cheese and hamburger bits did really taste like hamburger (chopped-up McDonald's hamburger patties). Well worth the $1.29 price, but I would not pay more than $1.50 for it.

You also get these Box Top$ miles that support your local school or something like that. I really don't know much about them other that you don't get anything for them, that they expire and that you local school get all the benefits of Box Top$. I guess that soccer moms that do housekeeping and shopping all day, clip them out and process them to their favorite school.

Like this bastard won some Box Top$ and said that its like winning the lotto. No its not, because winning the lotto is getting rich, and here you get zilch.

I also did these pseudo-memes with the Totino's theme in Russian, because I was writting the blog in Russian at that time when I bought the pizza. This one says: Totino's!!! The Dreams Come True!

This one says: Totino's!!! Fo' Shizzle My Nizzle!

This one says: Totino's!!! Impossible is Possible!

And this last one says: Totino's!!! And You're The Winner!

And to top this one off, here is the ad clip with those loud bastards.

Переходим На Английски

Мне довольно неудобно писать этот блог по русски, так что я буду теперь писать по английски. Начал я этот блог как часть домашнего задания для русского класса в колледже. Класс закончился так что по русски я уже писать не обязан, so here we go: from now on all my posts will be in English. It was too damn annoying writing in Russian since I had to use the on-screen Russian keyboard, and had to click on every Russian letter online with mouse to compose every word, which I did not liked a bit, but had to do due to course requirements. I had a couple of post ideas that I have in mind, on which I am working on. So stay tuned to my blog.