Thursday, December 13, 2012

CVS Photo Surcharge Rip-Off

I just wanted to order 5x 4x6 photo prints and decided to try out the CVS photo service. Usually I use Walgreens, but I wanted to see how CVS would do the job, so I created an account on their website and began uploading photos. Then when the time came to checkout, I was hit with the extra $1.49 "surcharge".

So instead of placing the order at CVS, I went to Walgreens website and ordered five photo prints there; no extra surcharge or any other rip-off fees. So if you plan to order photo prints, then know in advance that CVS will try to rip you off for at least $1.49. Be smart and tell CVS to go fuck themselves.


  1. In my case, I use Costco for most prints. Their 5x7 is 39 cents vs $1.69 at CVS, 8x10 $1.49 vs CVS $3.99.

    But, round trip is 45 minutes and $4 in gas, but I pass CVS on way to the supermarket. So when I need a few 4x6 prints quickly, I bite the bullet. At 19 cents for a 4x6, I'd need to order 27 pictures. I've never bought 27 all at once.

  2. But Costco membership is also $50 per year.

  3. The fee only applies if you spend less than $5.00.