Monday, December 17, 2012

Dorco Holidays 2012 Promo Code

I just received this emailed from Dorco yesterday, and its about their new promo code that they call "Biggest Sale of the Year". Basically it is $40.00 off the order of $80.00 and above. To use the code, just add bunch of their stuff of your choice to cart on their webstore and on the checkout enter the "Eighty40" less the quotes.

By using this promo code, I ordered 10x packs of their 6-blade cartridges with trimmer blades, so that is like $0.25 or so per cartridge, which is almost dirt-cheap. So if you need new razors then don't hold back and give the Pace 6 razor system a try. I actually just shaved 30 minutes ago and it feels good, because I haven't shaved for over 2 weeks. Remember, this code ends tomorrow!

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