Thursday, June 28, 2012

Переходим На Английски

Мне довольно неудобно писать этот блог по русски, так что я буду теперь писать по английски. Начал я этот блог как часть домашнего задания для русского класса в колледже. Класс закончился так что по русски я уже писать не обязан, so here we go: from now on all my posts will be in English. It was too damn annoying writing in Russian since I had to use the on-screen Russian keyboard, and had to click on every Russian letter online with mouse to compose every word, which I did not liked a bit, but had to do due to course requirements. I had a couple of post ideas that I have in mind, on which I am working on. So stay tuned to my blog.

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