Sunday, September 30, 2012

15% Dorco USA Sale Promo Code ACORN15 is having a special right now and I just have received their promo code earlier today in the mail. The special is 15% off any purchase, all you have to do is type the code ACORN15 in the checkout. It expires in a couple of day on 10/2/12. I waited for a Dorco sale for some time now to stock up on the 6-bladed razors with trimmers, and since they released the 15% off, then it was just the right time to place an order. These cartridges are the same ones that Dollar Shave Club sells for $9.00 per 3 cartridges [$3.00 per cartridge]. With this promo code, the price is supposed to be $0.76 per cartridge, which is much cheaper than Dollar Shave Club.

The total came up to $30.59 for 10 packs of 4 cartridges per pack: 40 in total. That is around $0.76 per cartridge. This supply should last me more than a year.

Shipping is free if you choose the most basic shipping option.

All done now. Hope that the razors will come in quickly.

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