Sunday, September 30, 2012

South Beach Smoke E-Cigarette Deluxe Kit

Earlier today on Saturday I received the Groupon special $24.00 South Beach Smoke deluxe kit, well ahead of the scheduled delivery for Tuesday. As you can see the package is plain bubble-padded plastic envelope.


All the stuff that was inside the bubble envelope: car charger, carrying case, cartridges, deluxe kit essentials, invoice, some kind of direct mail wine sign-up crap brochure, invoice and 2 South Beach Smoke supplementary cards with irrelevant information.

Core items of the order, inside their boxes.

Core items unboxed.

Contents of the deluxe kit.

All the necessary things that I paid for.

Carrying case.

Carrying case open.

Carrying case with stuff inside: USB charger, 2x cartridges [I used the V2 Cigs ones, because I did not opened South Beach Smoke blister packs yet] and a battery.  

South Beach Smoke blister pack of 5 menthol cartridges over blister pack of V2 Cigs menthol blister of 5. The cartridges and the batteries are not interchangeable between South Beach Smoke and V2 Cigs due to different threadings, but I ordered a couple of adapters from V2 Cigs website to overcome this issue and will find out soon if it works. 

South Beach Smoke has this fake gem inhale lamp on the end that lights up in orange color everytime you inhale the vapor. It looks girly but the orange light mimics a real cigarette burn more realistically than that that the V2 Cigs do, which is plain red light.

South Beach Smoke USB charger [left] next to V2 Cigs USB charger [right].

The South Beach Smoke already had the power outlet adapter for the USB charger included in the Deluxe Kit, but for the V2 Cigs order, I only received USB "express" charger with the Express Kit that included 1 battery, 1 cartridge and the USB charger for $30.00. I actually bought 2 of the Express Kits and 1 of the USB chargers kept having the red light without charging any of the batteries: I left it overnight and the battery was 0% charged. I contacted V2 Cigs and they sent me a replacement USB charger, and I had to mail back the faulty one at my own expense, or they would charge me the retail price for it if V2 Cigs would not get back the faulty charger within 30 days of the issue of the replacement. The South Beach Smoke's power outlet adapter is the same exact "El Cheapo" adapter that they have plenty of on the eBay for $1.00 or so delivered from China. I actually bought 2 of El Cheapos on eBay to compliment the 2 USB express chargers. Both worked fine. The only difference between El Cheapo and South Beach Smoke adpater is that the later one has the company's logo printed on top of it.

Here is the power outlet adapter for the USB charger on eBay: I paid $0.98 delivered for it when I ordered it. Most of the e-cigarette companies charge at least $5.00 for it plus shipping.

Battery being charged. I let the battery charge for over 4 hours but the light on the USB charger was being red, so I let it stand there for over 9 hours in total and it still was red, then I decided to plug it out and screwed on the cartridge. Battery worked for over 30 minutes and still works. I don't know if the battery charged for 100% or is it the USB charger that has the problem. In the included manual it said nothing about the light turning green from red once the battery is 100% charged, I found this info from their website's Deluxe USB Charger page, where they sell it separately for $7.99 plus shipping. It's a different shape on their website but essential it is the same thing. I will contact South Beach Smoke on Monday and inquire about this charger issue.

Front of the "membership card", what a joke!

Back of the "membership card". I wonder if anyone actually showed this to authorities or cops and had their ass arrested.


  1. Is the battery still working for you? My light will not turn green... how are you supposed to know if it's fully charged?

    I received mine yesterday through Groupon goods as well...

    1. I have the same problem with the charger: it never turns green, even though the battery was plugged-in for over 18 hours. I emailed the company and they sent out the replacement charger, which I am still waiting for. Other the green light, the battery works fine.

      One of the V2 Cigs chargers was defective: it never charged anything, but they also sent me the replacement.

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