Monday, September 24, 2012

South Beach Smoke E-Cigarette Deluxe Kit Groupon Deal

I was just browsing Wikipedia on the subject of the dot com boom, and then checked the entry on website, and then I remembered about Groupon and decided to browse it and see what kind of deals they have on. Moments later I stumbled across this ongoing deal of South Beach Smoke E-Cigarettes deluxe kit. I was not signed-in to Groupon with my account so I guess that I was browsing the deals that they push towards the people who live in Texas. They pretty much have 2 batteries (cigaretters), 15 cartridges ("filters" with nicotine fluid), 2 chargers and a portable storage case; all for $24.00 with free shipping and no sales tax. I personally do not smoke, but I bought one of these disposable e-cigarettes at Walgreens for $10.00 in either June or July time and my mom got hooked on it. My mom used to smoke regular cigarettes which she buys by-the-carton from some Russian guy that makes deliveries in the car and you gotta make a mimum purchase of 2 cartons, otherwise he won't make the delivery. So my mom told me that the guy cranks-up the price every month by a $1 or $2, and last time she paid $66.00 for a carton of Capri slim cigarettes, which lasts about a month. When I was at the bigger [with expanded product assortment] Walgreens store, I noticed the disposable [non-rechargeable] e-cigarettes by a brand called Finity right behind the cashier, so I remember how mom told me that the regular cigs go up in price every so often, and I figured that at $10.00 price, the worst that can happen is that mom will not like it. I bought it and gave it to my mom and she liked it, she even gave it to try to my grandma, that smokes not very often but wanted to quick smoking the regular cigarettes, she also liked it. And at around the end of July, I found that at V2 Cigs they had a special sale [I think a holiday sale of some kind] and I ordered 2 rechargeable e-cigarettes, 2 USB chargers and 40 cartridges for under $120.00 with shipping and tax included. Since this period, my mom and grandma switched to e-cigarettes and they love them. I even found out that you can stretch-out for 2 or so more lifetimes the use of empty V2 Cigs cartridges by pouring inside the nicotine liquid, which I bought 3x 15ml bottles of from the Johson Creek website; they also had some kind of holiday special sale which totaled to just under $33.00 for 3 bottles delivered and no sales tax. Yeah, so back to the Groupon deal: the $24.00 for this whole kit with 2 batteries and all the extras is an excellent deal, considering that only 1 battery, 1 USB charger and 1 included cartridge cost me $30.00 at V2 Cigs. After couple of minutes of thinking I decided to place an order, because mom can use the extra batteries and the storage case.

While placing the order, all I had to do was to update my credit card info, since it expired from the last time that I bought some deal on Groupon and click the "Complete Order" button. The "Complete Order" button did not work in the Firefox browser, so I switched to make the deal purchase on the Opera browser. I chose the 2nd option, which was for the menthol cartridges, since that's what my mom smokes.

After the Groupon checkout process, this message appeared.

And this is how the Groupon deal/coupon looks like: its a PDF file within personal account on Groupon website which has the redemption code, which I partially censored in red. You gotta use the coupon before the expiration date or you will lose it. You should also make yourself familar with policies and terms that pertain to whatever Groupon deal/coupon you are interested in, so later on there would not be any misunderstandings or issues.

With the Groupon redemption code, I went to the specified URL address ( that was in the Groupon coupon PDF file, and entered it, then proceeded to step 2:

Here in step 2, I had to fill out my shipping info. Then I clicked the "Order Now" button, which led me here:

This is where the company might "get"" you if you are not careful enough and will most likely press the "green button": all I know that this is some kind of subscription plan that you must stay away from, because it may be something like those penis pills that they send to you every month while billing/charging your credit card and that you will have hard time canceling. I just clicked the lesser visible light gray text "No Thanks" button:

And the order was placed. Only cost me $24.00, but none of the items are here yet, so I can't comment on them yet. Once I will get them, I will take a look and will report back. This is the Groupon deal URL address that I used for the Groupon coupon for this particular purchase:


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