Saturday, November 3, 2012

Hedge Fund Trader Nick Gentile: Say Cheese, Nigga!

Laughs at Nick Gentile, the Staten Island hedge fund trader who had his Oakwood Beach house ruined by hurricane Sandy.

He screwed-up last year with MF Global and now he got hurt again with hurricane Sandy. I am just glad that he has to suffer along with regular folks [aka 47%], and I am not the only one who thinks like this:

Craig Anthony Swinson said "I don't feel sorry for him, not one bit on the MF GLOBAL loss. He plays in a risky game, with sharks and untold risks, he uses others money to basically bet on a market, and he got burned. Maybe if he was better at what he did he could have minimized his risk by splitting his risk over several firms. That old saying, don't keep all your eggs in one basket, goes for money and firms or banks too"

Gerarg Mcparland said "get a real job! sitting behind a desk and playing with other peoples money.... boo hoo"

Marty Cohen said "when things were good these guys were buying toys that costs more than a years salary for the average slob , over charging commissions and sand bagging customers with bogus trades , now that Karma is a itch don't feel sorry for the greedy slug!"

Wally Walter said "This is great! I hope he ends up in a homeless shelter workin 3 jobs. Voodoo economics was created by douches like him and the Gov. Now they get what they deserve. HHAHHAHA"

I just hope that this motherfucker will suffer more and more further on.

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