Monday, November 12, 2012

Jarritos Tamarind Mexican Soda

Couple of days ago I stopped by the Stop & Shop store that is just around the Flatbush avenue, just to check if they have anything good on sale. After flipping through the circular and finding nothing that I was interested in, I figured to take a walk around the store and see if there is anything worthy that was not printed in the circular. While walking around, I stumbled upon the soda isle, which had wide assortment of sodas. But in the next isle or so, there was another bunch of shelves with lesser-known and foreign sodas. On one of the shelves I found several flavors of Jarritos Mexican soda, and since in my neighborhood they are either unavailable or expensive, I decided to get the tamarind flavored soda for $0.79 per bottle. I never tried tamarind soda before, so I was intrigued at how it would taste.

Back of the bottle.

Pouring the drink.

The drink tastes like...tamarind? I don't know, but it does tastes very refreshing with tingling-sharp carbonation. I've seen a picture of tamarind on another brand of tamarind soda and it looked like a cross between a turd and potato, so I was worried that this drink would be some kind of crap. But the drink turned out to be pretty good an refreshing I must say that I really like it and looking forward to buying couple more bottles of this tamarind soda. I rate this soda at 4.7/5.0 with a value rating of 4.8/5.0 at the price of $0.79 per glass bottle. This soda is a definite winner and if you are curious about it then by all means give it a try, its worth it.

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