Saturday, November 10, 2012

Hunting for Empty Bottles and Cans

Couple days ago I noticed that I have a bunch of empty bottles and cans from all the soda drinking, so I decided to save them instead of throwing them out so I can make a couple of dollar by throwing the stuff into those recycling machines. Then I thought about how can I get more of bottles and cans, and figured that I can just check the garbage rooms inside my building, because the resident leave these articles in the bin instead of throwing them down the garbage chute, so whatever is there on each floor is up for grabs. Evening and late mornings seems like the best times of the days to hunt for the "empties".

 $0.85 worth of recycles from 2 days ago evening hunt.  

 $0.25 worth of recycles from 1 day ago morning hunt. 

 $0.75 worth of recycles from yesterday's evening hunt. 

$0.45 worth of recycles from today's morning hunt.

I went to the recycling place and began feeding 2-litter plastic bottles into the machines, and in the midst of it the machine broke down and worker had to fix it, so I went home and took the glass bottles to recycle. The glass recycling machine was idle, so I began feeding it but most of the bottles were not accepted: the feeding mechanism spins the bottle around while the laser beam scans for the bottle barcode, so I guess that they do not accept the brand that the place sells. Old Chinese people seem to have a hold of all of these recycling places and it is difficult to find the machines that are idle, so one can recycle, because Chinese recycle 24/7 and they have their "assistants" cart, bike and drive huge garbage bag-fulls of empty cans and bottles. So far I have 2 receipts that total to $0.50, which I yet have to cash-out.

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