Sunday, July 29, 2012

Dorco Razors Order Just Came In (Yesterday)

The Dorco order which I placed like 4-5 days ago just came in. After I checked their site out, I decided to place the order because I was really intrigued by their cheap razors and could not find any solid reviews for their products online. I have just 1 more cartridge left for the Gillete Fusion razor and I had no idea how fast Dorco would fulfill the order, so placing the order ASAP was a sound idea. The package arrived yesterday and their warehouse is located San Diego, so they processed the order and shipped the package pretty quickly.

All these items were the ones that I thought would be great to try out and they all fit just over $25.00, which qualified me for the free shipping. I tried to add one of the 5% off codes to the order, but it screwed-up the free shipping, so don't try the code if you will order stuff from the Dorco e-store.


This is the stuff that they had in stock that they sent to me, the only thing that they did not have in stock was the 6 blade cartridge heads with trimmer and 3-blade cartridge heads. They also have a 5% off coupon included that is good within the next 3 weeks, or so they claim.

Later on during the week I will try out the Dorco Pace 6 Plus razor system; the one with the 6 blades per razor cartridge head with the trimmer and will report on the razor's performance.

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