Sunday, July 15, 2012

Loop Energy Drink by K-Mart

So this is Loop: the energy drink of the K-Mart stores and it is sold under their store brand Smart Sense. I see this drink pretty much every time I stop by at K-Mart inside the Penn Station but never had an urge to try it out until I began posting the energy drinks here on the blog. Loop energy drinks comes in 3 variations: regular (red), sugar-free (white can) and Blueberry Pomegranate (blue). This one is regular, but I also have   Blueberry Pomegranate in the fridge. The can is pretty straightforward and has a cheap vector graphic of what appears to be a burst of energy in my opinion. In the middle of the can there's the Loop logo with interlocking O's; which is loopy but is totally justifiable by the cheap/affordable price of $1.00.

There is no story or marketing gimmick anywhere on the can, but the company (K-Mart) promises the "satisfaction guarantee". I don't really know who would bring back partially used can to the store for refund. I wouldn't go through all this trouble just to get a dollar or so back.

As you can see, the Loop is golden caramel in color and comes out of the can nicely carbonated with firm foamy crown, which slowly levels down. The taste of Loop is similar to Red Bull, but at a budget, and at a $1.00 price point the taste is pretty good for a Red Bull clone. It also has a sharp bite of energy supplements/ingredients combined with powerful carbonation. Overall this energy drink is pretty good for $1.00 and I can definitely see myself buying it again in K-Mart in the future. The only bad thing about K-Mart in this case is that they do not store it in the fridge and most of the cans that are on the shelf are covered with dried and sticky spilled beverage on some sort, and this applies pretty much to 80% of the drinks that are on the shelf. My rating for the Loop energy drink is 4.0/5.0 with 4.5/5.0 rating for the value. If you enjoy sweet-tasting Red Bull then you might want to give this drink a try. It's not a Red Bull, but it tries to be, and for $1.00 it does a pretty decent job.

The Penn Station K-Mart has a nice selection of all kinds of beverages up for purchase. I think that here is the widest selection of drinks to choose from in the MSG-34th Street area, and for the most part they are priced really well. I almost never reference to the price tags that are on the shelf, because the price scanner is nearby, but if I can spot the price on the price tag cheaper than on the scanner, I point this out to cashier and request price adjustment in my favor.

Yesterday I was in the area of K-Mart, and I was thirsty, so since I knew/tasted Loop energy drink, it was a sound choice for me at $1.00 price. But the thing is that all of their Loop cans are on the shelf and are at room temperature. My solution for this situation was to hide one of the cans behind Snapple bottles, so it could chill down and after and hour or so I returned back, bought it and drank it.

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