Sunday, July 29, 2012

Rip It Power Power Energy Fuel Energy Drink

Rip It is a dollar beverage brand that is currently sold at the Deals stores. As far as I know, they make energy drinks and GatorAde knock-offs at the $1.00 price. Rip It Power (red) is their flagship energy drink flavor, and here I got it to give it a try. At the local deals they only had this one, Citrus X (orange) and the grape (purple) one. They also had a ton of sugar-free grape and sugar-free Citrus X; the number of sugar-free cans on the shelf dominated regular (sugar) cans by pretty much 4:1 ratio.

There is some graphic of "Wild Ride" on the back of the can, which I have no knowledge of.

Otherwise the rest of the can is pretty average with no extras.

The energy drink is of murky citrusy-yellow color and the taste is mystery flavor; I don't really know how to describe it, but it tastes kind of budgety; like a budget version of Sun Drop soda. It also smells like a budget scent. Taste is okay, it's not great or anywhere close to it, but it is also not that bad. Its not sugarless but it is also not that sweet, with no nasty aftertaste. Its like the factory people decided to use some discarded knock-off or generic Sun Drop flavor that they just happened to have tons of at the warehouse for the "Power" Rip It energy drink. The energy kick that I got out of this drink was pretty mild, and the "Power" name is just misleading in my opinion. I will not buy this energy drink anymore in the future. So far the Loop energy drink by K-Mart leads the $1.00 price point in terms of taste and value. Rating for Rip It Power is 3.7/5.0, and value rating is 4.0/5.0.

On the Rip It website they also have these PDF "recipes" but they don't tell you the mixing ratios to make the energy-fueled alcoholic beverages, so I did not bother trying to mix them.

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