Monday, July 30, 2012

Jaguar Quartered Chicken Legs

Just got some quartered chicken legs a while a ago and decided to give them the good ol' roastin', but I did not wanted to make them seasoned and roasted without any sauce on; I want to cover them with something nice. I checked the fridge and there were no good sauces left, so I decided to make my own.

At first, I just seasoned the quartered legs with garlic powder, prairie style buffalo wing seasoning, Parmesan cheese and dried parsley flakes, and sent the whole thing down the oven.

Then I began thinking of what sauce to whip out and I decided on the following things to go into one sauce.

All 3 sauce ingredients in a bowl.

Now all mixed together. I had to give this sauce a name, so the first thing came to mind was "Jaguar". I don't know why and I decided not to challenge myself with questions and just settled on the name.

Quartered legs halfway through.

Time to slap some sauce on.

All done now!

Close-up shot.

On the plate.

Inside: juicy meat.

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