Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Grandma's Schi: Russian Sour Cabbage Soup

Grandma just made some of her Russian sour cabbage soup that is called Schi. This is my 2nd favorite Russian soup after red borscht, and I really enjoy eating it. So grandma made 9 of these 32oz cups of Schi and I took 6 of them of them. Just made (reheated in microwave) a serving for myself and ate it. Good thing that grandma made it per my request without peppers and bay leafs, because I hate that stuff.

32-ounce cup makes a good serving bowl.

Sour cream is a-must with this soup, and I use the bird brand sour cream, because it is frequently cheaper than the store brand of sour cream.

A generous dollop of cold sour cream...

...mixes with the soup.

Theres plenty of juicy sour cabbage in the serving, just like I like it.

The rib really seals-in the flavor. I always ask that the rib would go in the Schi soup, and sometimes I ask for it to go with red borscht soup.

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