Thursday, July 12, 2012

Yesterday's Free Slurpee

Yesterday was the free national slurpee day, or something like that to the name of it, and I managed to get my hands on 2 free Slurpee drinks at two 7-Eleven locations in Brooklyn. This "event" was running from 11AM until 7PM, and I got out of my place at 5:50PM, so I could only visit 2 locations. Each location had some random Middle Eastern guy in a tan shirt (both locations) operating the Slurpee dispenser, and all you had to do was to tell him what flavor you wanted, and he did all the pouring. After you took your free midget-size cup of free Slurpee, you could either buy something else, make a wish while eating a donut (not free) as per 7-Eleven's website advice, or you could just get the fuck out and move to other 7-Eleven location for another free cup of Slurpee like I did, which I did indeed.

7-Eleven's Lemon Creme Slurpee flavor graphic.

This was my first flavor of choice at the 1st location of 7-Eleven; this is the Lemon Creme flavor. It tastes pretty good and creamy while being slightly sourishly-tingly. Like a gentle lemon extract and vanilla cream soda in a Slurpee concoction, this describes it pretty closely. I enjoyed drinking it despite the small amount of this freebie.

  7-Eleven's sugar-free Strawberry Banana Slurpee flavor graphic.  

2nd free Slurpee of mine was the sugar-free Strawberry Banana drink. Despite being sugar-free, it tastes very good, even while having some sort of sugar substitute. I wish that they made this one in sugar version instead of the Lemon Creme flavor. They ran out of straws at this 7-Eleven location, so everyone had to drink it from their cup. I also think that it was mixed half-assed, because the Slurpee machine kept leaking from one of the faucets/taps. This is a great summer flavor that many will enjoy this summer. I actually prefer this one over Lemon Creme. Maybe I will buy full version (paid, large cup) in the following weeks. I recommend both aforementioned Slurpees.

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