Tuesday, July 3, 2012

More Coupon Stuff

Burger King just had a special promo: the original chicken sandwich for $1.09 (in my area). This promo is already expired, but 2 days ago I was able to get my hands on this sandwich. To tell the truth, I am not a big fan of chicken sandwiches, but I don't mind eating them from time-to-time. Most of the chicken sandwiches that I get come from McDonald's, because for some reason they appear frequently as a $1.00 item at the Brooklyn locations.

Before I will go into BK chicken sandwich, I would like to tell you about the McDonald's free smoothie. I think that this was the last day to get the free mango smoothie, the one that I had talked about in the previous post. The line or several of them in this place, made me wait around 12 or so minutes and I counted 7 other customers who had all kinds of coupons from the promotional booklet. One person said "a dollar is a dollar", another woman said "I'm a big girl" while referring to her 2-for-1 Big Mac meal coupon to the cashier. When my turn in line came up, cashier informed me that they ran out of mango smoothies and she offered to me Strawberry Banana Real Fruit Smoothie, an offer which I accepted with delight.

Real fruit smoothie turned out to be really pleasant. It has well-balanced taste of strawberry and bananas as well as silky-smooth consistence. Quality compared to mango smoothie was much better, and both smoothie are from 2 different categories. Real Fruit Smoothies are premium smoothies because they use real fruit and hence cost more. I give this smoothie 4.5/5.0 because I really like it and will definitely buy it in the future.

With this coupon I set my mind on the Lemon Lemonade.

The print ad looked very promising with the smoothie-like consistency of the drink.

But the actual drink turned out to be a dissapointment; liquidy instead of viscous. Add to that the sourish taste, like it was made from the lemon seed. For this I had to pay $1.00, which I regret now.

Sandwich comes in a paper wrap, but I would prefer it in a cardboard box since it could get squashed in my bag. There are some graphics of ingredients on the wrapping, but not all of them apply to this sandwich, so I don't know the point of them.

Nothing fancy, just a patty, bun, measly leaf of lettuce and some white sauce. I could not tell if it was mayo or not. This BK chicken sandwich was okay, but not as good as one from McDonald's, because there the chicken patty is crispy from the outside and a bit juicy from the inside. BK's chicken patty was considerably dry, without a sign of juicyness, and the miniscule amount of sauce and lettuce did little to improve the dryness. I rate this Original Chicken Sandwich at 3.0/5.0.

The total for the Lemon Lemonade and Original Chicken Sandwich came out to $2.22: an okay snack for the price.

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