Sunday, July 8, 2012

Monster M-80 Energy Drink

I am a huge fan of Monster drinks and earlier today I went to the food mart to get myself a can of Monster, and I found out that they had ran out of it. I took a look in the store's fridge and found that all they had was a ton of Monster Blue (sugar free), Monster Zero (very sugar free) and M-80. M-80 was the one that I had set my eyes, and it promised Energy  + Juice, so  bought it for $2.49 + tax & can deposit.

Here is some bullshit story behind the drink's flavor "inspiration".

These pull tabs have aftermarket value since Monster has somekind of Marlboro-miles-type of gimmick in place, where you get Monster-branded gear in exchange for pull tabs.

The drink's color is murky golden-yellow, and Monster M-80 has the taste of original Monster (Monster Green) plus it has a slightly sweeter taste of honey-caremel, less the citrusy taste of Monster Green. Some guy on YouTube said that the pineapple juice is mixed into M-80, but I personally did not feel any pineapples or the juice. All-in-all this is a good flavor variation of original Monster drink that may appeal to  some people. I enjoyed it and would only buy it again if Monster Green (original) is out of stock, otherwise I would pass it. My rating is 4.3/5.0 and value rating is 2.7/5.0.

I also ordered a 24-pack case of 16.0 fl. oz. original Monster cans last week, and they have finally shipped it today. Can't wait to get my hands on the cans! The price was right (cheapest on Amazon) at around $37.00 shipped for 24 cans. Will review it when the case will get here.

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